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Slow Dance

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The original block of stone weighed over twelve tons and looked extremely intimidating sitting alone and uncut next to the other carvers blocks from the quarry. I spent a full week roughing the block out, this process removed around 2 tons of stone.
The second step was to rough the sculpture in while it was still standing. Using stone wedges, a diamond blade saw and a hand point chisel and hammer it started to take shape.

I finished as much as I could while the stone was standing. After laying the carving down, I had a better angle to work with. It was time to smooth the flat surfaces that were to be polished. This was done with a hand held air hammer and a water grinder with diamond tips.
Getting the mass away from the heads to give them a round appearance was done with diamond blade saws and wedges. Then using a torch I scaled the remaining stone off smoothing the surface to a consistent texture. After this was done on both sides, it was time to upright the stone again.
Now with the sculpture shaped, I put the consistent texture over the rest of the required areas with a bushing hammer and then began to smooth the heads for polishing.

The polishing was done with synthetic diamonds on a hand held grinder. This is a nine step process which gives the stone a mirror-like finish. 

The sculpture was now ready to be shipped. My part was finished, except for the worry of damage in shipping and the placement. It was quite a job getting this piece to its resting place at the garden, but it has finally found its home.


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